VIB PROGRAM: 4 Figure Investment

With the VIB Mastermind Program, you’ll get to:

Hang with me for 90 FULL DAYS to close the gaps, scale your biz, and RISE ABOVE in business, life, and Instagram. PLUS Receive the EXACT steps I’ve taken to grow my Instagram from 0-26K and work from home full-time in under one year!



  • One-to-one program

  • 2 one-hour ZOOM strategy calls per month

  • Unlimited weekday access to me for support

  • Closed VIB Community

  • Live trainings

  • Pre-recorded IG video trainings

  • Workbooks + worksheets

  • Homework + collaboration

  • 1 monthly mastermind call with all VIBS together



  • Everything Instagram + business

  • Dream clients + market research

  • Branding, marketing + selling

  • Crafting offers + freebies

  • Running Facebook groups

  • Manifesting money FAST

  • Breaking free of limiting beliefs + moving past fears

  • Sharing your story + using your voice

  • Standing out in a saturated market + creating an impact

  • Extensive goal setting + goal slayin’


Working With Chantel Has been Incredible…

When I first found Chantel, I couldn’t wait to chat more and see what she could offer. The VIB program is unlike anything I have seen so far.

Chantel makes it a point to get to know you on a personal level and cares about what is going on in your life. I knew from that first call that massive momentum was going to come out of working with her. I knew I was signing up to work with her one on one to gain some business and Instagram strategy, but I had no idea what else was in store.

In 90 days, I transformed so much that I can hardly recognize that girl who first met Chantel. I walked away with more confidence than I have ever had before. I have a crystal clear roadmap of where I am going and how I am going to get there. I have overcome both mental and spiritual mind blocks.

I could write an entire book of everything I got out of 90 days! My income tripled and I honestly could not believe it! Working with Chantel is a MUST for the business babe who is ready to UPLEVEL and get serious about where she is going and how she is going to get there!

Book a call with her NOW!”

- Brooke Jefferson, Email Marketing Strategist, @SavvySocialiteSociety


I strongly recommend Chantel to anyone wanting to grow their business…

I had my last VIB call with Chantel + it was Bittersweet. I learned an ASTRONOMICAL amount of Instagram information to BUILD MY BUSINESS + LIFE!!! She was MORE than a delight to work with!! Her CREATIVE VIBES + BONES WAS MIND BLOWING + she just KNEW how to navigate + where the next turn was, when I needed to SHIFT in my approaches. I’m ALSO so happy to say I made a SOUL SISTER along this journey!!! I strongly recommend Chantel to anyone wanting to grow their online business + presence on Social Media! But LOOK OUT- you will not only build a business but a LIFE LONG FRIEND!

- Vanessa Iverson, Soulful Holistic Advocate

Other words of wisdom from Graduated VIBs,
” Thank you for helping me DREAM BIGGER, even when it’s terrifying to do so. I’m ready to crush all of my goals you helped me set for myself. If anyone is on the fence about doing the VIB Program, don’t be. INVEST IN YOURSELF. IT’S WORTH IT!”
- Samantha Phimmasone, Instagram Branding Expert, @BeautifulBlissfulChaos



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