Maintaining Balance Between Life + Social Media


Hey babe! I know you’re working hard, hustling on the Gram but how often do you feel stressed, frustrated, or completely BURNT OUT with the process? Are you getting caught up in the number of likes, follows, or engagement you get? Are you endlessly scrolling and playing the comparison game?

Don’t worry, it HAPPENS. But why? Lack of BALANCE.

When we focus all our energy on what we are NOT getting, or what others have, we are allowing less room for success. We can’t be completely AUTHENTIC if we focus on what others are doing and not allowing room for our own light to shine. The only way to do this is to take a step back and connect with ourselves.

HOW do we do this?


1. Practice Gratitude
Focus on your SUCCESSES not “failures”. Actively thank the universe for your blessings. If someone has helped you SLAY your life in anyway, tell them! Being humble is always more rewarding than “Bragging”. Practice giving more WITHOUT expectation not only makes you feel good, it tells the universe you are ready to receive. 

2. Grounding
What’s that? It’s the act of being consciously in your body and connected to the earth. It allows you to feel centered no matter what's going on around you. Grounding is CRUCIAL in order to be mindful (see #3). There’s no WRONG way to do it, grounding is different for everyone! Some ways to do this are exercise, yoga, MEDITATION, etc. Spending time with my family and in nature is my JAM. 


3. Be Mindful & Present
This is where you check in with yourself. Asking yourself “Am I telling myself false truths?” or “Am I being overly critical of myself?” is one way to do this. The act of being PRESENT is to not worry about things in the past or future. Focusing on RIGHT NOW, is not only more productive it allows you to be in alignment with your intuition.

4.  Take Time for Self Care
This is time for YOU. If we don’t take time to do things that truly make us HAPPY, it’s hard to be inspired. Take a bath, meditate, write in your journal, read a book, all these things are PERFECT for reconnecting to yourself and taking a time out for yourself. 

Remember girl, this is a JOURNEY.

These things don’t just happen overnight, you gotta put in the work. Trust the process and don’t PUSH, relax into the flow of things. Everyone has to start somewhere, what better time to start than RIGHT NOW?


Chantel Balch