About Chantel



I took the first big leap OUT of my comfort zone when I started Nursing school & the second biggest leap when I QUIT just 3 years after I graduated as a Registered Nurse. I was filled with dreams & doubt, but I followed my intuition and my wildly creative heart. I became an Entrepreneur, took my time back, & built the life of my dreams. From the GROUND up, when everyone else said “you can’t”. I’ve broken my own glass ceilings and now I help women GLOBALLY do the same!

I remember being “on the floor” at the hospital & running on pure caffeine & anxiety. Sweaty hands, back aching, bells ringing, rooms spinning, & the clock ticking.
But most of all I remember a broken heart.

My little girl at home going to bed without her mommy to tuck her in. But it wasn’t just the nighttime routine I missed. It was birthdays, holidays, events, & memories. 8 whole YEARS of her life I missed. My body was a wreck, & my mind was always blurry.  THIS was not the life I dreamed about. One day I drove home back to our concrete jungle { in which we told ourselves we loved } & I cried to my husband “I can’t do this anymore”. Nursing had taken the last I had to give.

Fast forward a few years later & I have learned to transform my DREAM life into a REALITY. Nursing wasn’t the only thing that got kicked to the curb. We ditched our brand new two storey residential home to live “the simple life” on our 40 acre FARM on the mountainside. I wake up to forest views from my bed every morning & go to sleep to beautiful cotton candy sunsets. My office is as portable as my phone can take me & for the first time in my life I get to BE MOM, first & foremost.

Once I realized that I could build a profitable business off of my phone & live the life I deserve, I attracted many like-minded powerhouse women straight into my Inbox asking me for help on business, branding, & Instagram. & thats how the PRETTY HUSTLE NATION was born. I collaborate with women in a very intimate way & help them FACE THEIR TRUTHS, GET VULNERABLE AF, & SHARE THEIR STORIES on the Gram. We aknowledge the FEARS & REMOVE THE BLOCKS standing in the way of success, TOGETHER. I teach the EXACT STEPS I’ve taken to take my own life from BROKE to FIVE FIGURES in just 6 months online.

Just imagine being able to grow your following, convert them into paying clients, and sustain your business off of Instagram alone. Imagine being able to grow your BRAND + BANK, & finally create the life that you so desperately DESIRE + DESERVE. Visualize it, hit me up, & lets MANIFEST together. YOUR TIME IS NOW!

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